Why Staying Long-Term at Rebbix?


Iryna Yaskiv

Brand Writer
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Why staying long-term at Rebbix?

When meeting candidates, we usually mention that on average, people at Rebbix work for around 5 years. Quite long, right? So, what is the reason for that? Are there any special conditions that make people stay or is it the thing with the people? Find out in an interview with our QA Engineer, Nastia Huzinska, who’s been with Rebbix for 11 years now. 

role and journey at rebbix

IY: Nastia, what’s your role at Rebbix?

AH: I am a QA Engineer, thus, I am primarily in charge of ensuring the quality of the products we develop, so I test & break everything we do to find bugs, vulnerabilities, and similar things. I've been here from the very beginning - I joined the company when Oleksiy and Serhii decided to launch it. And yes, it’s over 11 years now. 

IY: I believe you’ve worked on many products since then. Can you highlight any of them, in particular, and why you would pick that one?

AH:I believe Fixly was just a great example of how we work at Rebbix. It showcased our agility, bringing together processes, people, and ideas to build a remarkable product right from scratch. It has over 1M monthly users now

Anastasiia Huzinska, QA Engineer

IY: I’ve always been wondering - what is the secret of being so fast in assembling a team and delivering results that fast?

AH: Rebbix is just a company without any bureaucracy, which frees up much space for freedom and adds up to the extreme speed at which we manage to deliver results. And many here, if not all, are extremely loyal to the company, wishing it to live long and happy. And that feeling converts into a high level of dedication and willingness to invest in the results we bring. As an outcome – the solutions we deliver are of high quality and reliability. 

Plus, we start fast. Unlike some larger entities, at Rebbix we start to work from day one trying to avoid any red tape and the procrastination it causes. And there is no bullshit. 

IY: Okay, is everyone indeed so loyal to the company? Why does it happen? Does it grow fast or develop over time?

AH: Many of us do love Rebbix. You feel cozy and comfortable in-here. We've got crew members making sure every little detail of our well-being is covered and in response, you want to pay back with the same careful and attentive attitude. I guess it is the feeling that certainly develops over time but which is also growing as a result of witnessing others behave the same way. We do care much about the products we develop and everyone who steps in starts to follow the example, sooner or later. 

culture of trust and flexibility

IY: So, what keeps people in?

AH: I guess it's common sense and that we are all grown-ups here. No time tracking or any kind of tracking. The company trusts you and you trust back. Plus, we are taken care of. Everything you ask for is given to you. If you need some work adjustment, it can always be negotiated. Plus, you can get any courses reimbursed by 50%. While working here you can also try wearing different hats - stepping into different roles. Before going public with a vacancy, the new role is offered to the current teammates first in case they are willing to change their career direction or grow further. 

IY: Have you ever thought of leaving the company? Or weren’t you afraid about your future?

AH: No, not for once. I believe that the main reason people stay at Rebbix is two-fold: on the one hand, Rebbix is great to stay here for long. Nothing distracts you, and you’ve got everything to do your job well. On the other hand, there are many low-risk takers who do not job-jump but stay loyal to one company. And we enjoy a high level of freedom here. 

IY: What kind of freedom is it?

AH: In most cases, clients entrust tech decisions to us and we own them. They just pose some challenge or goal and then we decide how we are going to tackle it. It is absolutely up to us which way to choose so we can experiment, debate, and be free at which path to choose. That’s the way we self-actualize in all that. 

Plus, we aren’t just order-takers, I mean we don’t accept everything as given. We act more like partners - suggesting some solutions, and challenging clients’ ideas or suggestions if those won’t make sense or work and we know that for sure. And that applies to all projects. 

And I think it hugely impacts how we approach work. When we decide what to prioritize and how it lets us express and apply ourselves at work. We become more engaged and deeply invested in what we develop. I guess it differs much from the approach when you just follow what the client says. They can often jump from one thing to another and as a result, you may feel a bit powerless in shaping the product. At Rebbix, the story is much different. We build partnerships among ourselves and with the clients as well. 

IY: Loyalty as a feeling is cemented during crises and turbulences. How did those affect your stay at Rebbix? How did the company support you or others? 

AH: I've been on the bench twice. Back in the day, the policy was no layoffs from the bench. Times are tougher now, but Rebbix is still fighting to keep its crew. It values us and isn't quick to let anyone go.

IY: Open communication - how does that show up?

AH: You can approach anyone with any request or question you have. You can say in the open what you need or what is your opinion on certain issues. We do have regular all-hands for all-company issues and 1-2-1s for more personal ones. And yes, there is an unwritten rule to tell everything right on the spot, so you’re left with no other option than being open and honest. 

IY: What do you like most at Rebbix?

AH: I guess, it is the coziness, warmth, and everything that is focused on building healthy relations. You are ever “used” or worn out here. We treat each other as human beings. We love the projects we do. It’s never about just doing your job. We invest hard in what we do and care about those we are sharing the journey with. 

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