First Month at Rebbix: What to Expect?


Khrystyna Vaskovych

Engineering Manager
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I am Khrystyna Vaskovych, an Engineering Manager at Rebbix, and here is my onboarding story. This period is one of the most stressful ones in our career journeys. It’s when you are a beginner despite your maturity, it’s when you need to rely on others to help and hope they would have enough patience to walk you through everything. So here is a bit of what you’d expect to experience at Rebbix during your intro days and how it feels when you are an insider. Hope it will help you make the right impression about the company's behind-the-scenes and let you decide whether it suits you or not, for the better.

getting there

I discovered Rebbix through an eye-catching pink logo. It was something totally different from what I'm used to. The company's rebranding made a strong impression, but it was a human ToV that truly spoke to me. The vacancy post felt like Rebbix was saying, "Hey-hey, drop your CV here.” So I did.

What I liked about recruitment at Rebbix is transparency. They shared LinkedIn profiles of my future colleagues and manager with me, and that did reduce stress and fostered the feeling of comfort and care during interviews. The same way I opened up as a candidate, the same way did they. Before getting hired, I had a mini excursion through the office where I met my team as well as one of the founders in person. It did add to my enthusiasm for starting working with this company.

For me, choosing Rebbix was a conscious decision. I was considering working at a small boutique company as a shift from my previous experience with larger corporations. The thing wasn't just in the logo; it was the opportunity to broaden my expertise and add unique experiences to my CV.

The company's work environment was another magnet. Instead of a cold glass-and-steel office, Rebbix offered a country-style space with a calming ambiance and a cozy yard. It was a setting where I could see myself sipping tea and enjoying my working routine.

The last straw was Rebbix's focus on drawing everyone together and working from the office. It was crucial for me to have a place to work, socialize, and communicate.

Here I am.

expectation vs. reality

For me, the onboarding was comfortable, open, and friendly. We had a few informal events like open-air BBQs and movie nights that helped me integrate. I truly appreciated everything the HR team did for me as a newcomer. Apart from all the docs, FAQs, 30-60-90 plans, feedback meetings, etc., they provided lots of care and psychological support. That’s truly valuable in our challenging reality. Also, here, if you are bold enough to share, ask for advice, then you get it. Knowing the ropes, they’ve also suggested how it would be better to communicate and approach everyone on the team.

I had two onboarding buddies — Yura and Bohdan. They’ve spent hours with me, explaining all ins and outs and diving me into the Dreamlines project. Their dedication was nothing I’ve ever experienced. Probably, they were genuinely interested in the success of Dreamlines as a product and project, so they were extremely helpful and supportive.

about Rebbix way

Here, they say that Rebbix is something that you cannot describe but rather experience and figure out what it means for you.

I’d say that Rebbix is a community of equals, each contributing meaningfully. Finding one's role here is essential. Yura advised me to find my place, emphasizing the importance of being valuable rather than merely busy. I’m on it now.

What sets Rebbix apart is its freedom and trust. It’s easy to be here. No bureaucracy. And they trust you from day one. You see, there are no limitations for sick or vacation days. And this credit of trust is given to you from the onset. Good recruitment obviously helps a lot in seeking and finding people who would not take advantage of this trust and request 50 days off at once. So you understand that you are trusted that much and that you cannot let these people down.

Communication is warm and open, and responsiveness is high. At larger companies, employees usually juggle numerous tasks and organizational duties; here, everyone is approachable and attentive to your questions. People are very responsive. And they are mostly seniors, so yes, you’d have a lot to learn from one another.

From a tech perspective, Rebbix feels like a product company. I'm often part of product-related meetings and feel my impact. These things were not accessible to me before. As a result, I get more understanding of the product, I can be more useful, and also I feel like I impact the product, indeed.

And again, you have a lot of freedom in the workplace. Of course, there are certain priorities, but still it is you who build the roadmaps, processes, and plans based on the expectations of the client.

All in all, Rebbix isn't just a company; it's a unique experience, a community where freedom, trust, and individuality thrive. In an industry known for rigidity, Rebbix is all about being human, open, and empowered.

P.S. A few recommendations I would give to someone stepping in as a newcomer: give yourself time to adapt and be kind to yourself. Socialize as much as you can - make work a place where you can connect with people you enjoy talking to and sharing some news. It alleviates stress and lets you focus on what’s essential, your work. And if you are a slow learner, be patient with yourself - you’ll definitely catch up later. The Eureka moment will come; just keep calm.

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